Structured Settlements

Sell Structured Settlements For Cash

Periodical payments incoming from structured settlements are predictable and good to have. Unfortunately, life presents us with unforeseeable challenges, many of which demand extra financial liquidity to solve.

Cash For Your Structured Settlement
cash for structured settlements

If you’re frustrated with waiting for cash from long-term payouts from structured settlements, Rising Capital can work with the court system to grant you immediate cash now. As a structured settlement company, we take on the brunt of the responsibility and risk associated with the purchase your structured settlements or annuities, while you turn future-payments into a large, immediate cash payment. No need to fuss about with more legal paperwork or promises from judges, we are prepared to change your periodical payments into one lump sum.

Turning A Structured Settlement into A Lump Sum

Did you know that the most common structured settlements and annuities pay out over 25 years?

How long are you waiting for your payment to arrive?

How many more months or years will it take until you’ve pocketed the money that’s supposed to be yours?

Are You Owed Money? Sell Your Structured Settlement For Cash Now

You are entitled to sell you structured settlements if you are currently receiving money from any of the following:

  • Wrongful Death
  • Personal Injury
  • Product Liability
  • Workers Compensation

What Rising Capital Associates Can Do For You

If you were awarded a structured settlement and you are currently receiving payments or will be receiving payments in the future we can help you obtain your cash now.  These payments are made by an insurance company over a period of time; this is set up to help meet your future financial needs. Needs and wants change over time and Rising Capital is here to help you unlock your money and get it into your hands and out of the annuity.

Here is how we can help you today. The easy and simple 4-step process is outlined below:

Introduction: We take the time to get to know you and understand your current situation. Then take the time to put together a plan to secure your financial future.

Documentation: We will send everything in writing, ensuring that all of the details are clear and concise.

Quick Court Process: We have well-established relationships throughout the country to ensure a speedy and successful court process.

Payday: We strive to ensure a speedy funding to get your money to you as soon as possible.

Don’t Wait for Money LATER. Get Your Cash NOW

When life situations arise, a structured monthly payout may not provide the money you need to make it to next month. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and have an annuity that either takes too long to arrive or arrives in payments too small to be effective, you may consider cashing it in. Take the money owed to you by engaging in a transaction that can transform a long-term payment into an instant reward. You can use this money to supplement your income, travel, pay off debts and medical bills, or assist with any other costs you may have presently. Our knowledgeable associates at Rising Capital prides themselves on offering real solutions to individuals who can’t afford to wait any longer.

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