10 Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Tips

1. Buy a gift card (on sale). Imagine going to the bank and exchanging $85 for a $100 bill. You do something similar when you purchase a discount gift card. It’s a win-win situation: Gift cards are the most requested gift item each year, and you can buy them for only a fraction of the face-value price. Or you can purchase specific gifts with a discounted card.

To buy discounted gift cards, check out online vendors such as and or wholesalers such as Sam’s Cluband Costco.

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Student Loan Debt 101: Everything You Need to Know

In this day and age, most people graduating from college are doing so with some level of student debt. That said, its ubiquity isn’t much of a comfort to those ​20-somethings receiving their very first student loan bill. In many ways, taking out student loans can feel like a huge gamble : For those who struggle to find work right out of college, it can begin to look like a bet they lost.

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Nine Money Tips For Building Your American Dream

Freedom and prosperity are essential parts of the American Dream, but many people overlook financial stability. In fact, learning how to spend wisely, protect your money, credit, and home, and make plans for your retirement are some of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family. To help you achieve your financial dreams, shares these tips to help you plan for your financial future…

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7 Steps To Living The Life Of Your Dreams

By Dave Ramsey | More Content Now

For more than 20 years, I’ve had the honor of helping millions of families take control of their money and stop drowning in debt. It’s been awesome to see so many people change their lives!
Early on, however, I noticed a pattern with the people I was counseling and the callers on my radio show. The thought of getting out of debt was overwhelming to them. The pile of debt in front of them seemed too big, and they didn’t know how to start.

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4 Low Debt Value Stocks to Ride Out the Market Blues

by Zacks Equity Research

It has not been a good time for the stock market, especially after the particularly tumultuous last week, for most global indices. In about eight months, the S&P 500 has declined 3.4%. Indeed, 2015 hasn’t, so far, been a breakout year for the stocks and clearly, investors had enough reason to be cautious.

Earlier in August, China devalued its currency. The country’s stock market has turned bearish over the last couple of months despite government initiatives to check the fall. The Shanghai composite index went down 0.8% on Aug 28, as investors were concerned that the government may not want to prop up the stock markets any further.


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How You Can Attract Money

This is Money | By Kenneth Doghudje

There is a force behind money that makes it plentiful in the lives of a few, and lacking in the lives of many others. The truth is, attracting money is neither the product of abstract hocus-pocus or rocket science. Anyone can attract the kind of money he or she desires.

There is the law of attraction at work in the universe. An understanding of and acting upon this law is bound to bring what you want to attract into your life. According to Brian Tracy, You are a living magnet; you invariably attract into your life the people, situations and circumstances that are in harmony with your dominant thoughts.


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Leverage your settlement to help you reach your financial goals!

5 Things That Selling Your Structured Settlement Can Help You With Today

To Sell or Not To Sell A Structured Settlement. That Is The Question

Leverage your settlement to help you reach your financial goals!

Leverage your settlement to help you reach your financial goals!

So you see a commercial and you decide that it is time to sell your structured settlement for lump sums of cash, but you have no idea if you should sell all of it or some. We understand the dilemma.

At Rising Capital Associates, we talk to a lot of people who want to use the money that is owed to them, but still want the flexibility to use their payments later on. A lot of other companies will try to convince you that selling all of your settlement is the best choice. These are companies that are interested their profits.

We see things a little differently here.

We want to help you to make the best financial decisions for you and your family. We’ve composed a list of fantastic reasons selling your structured settlement or annuity for cash can help make your dreams happen while still maintaining the flexibility you need.

Invest in your future

Whether it’s starting your own business or wanting to diversify your portfolio, as a financial institution, we understand the importance of making your money work for you. If the cause of your settlement or annuity makes it difficult for you to find work, then selling some it for a lump sum of cash can give you the boost you need to turn your passion into a new career.

Debt (And Stress) Reduction

Stress over money is one of the most pervasive and common strains on the health of Americans. If you find yourself losing sleep and in a bad mood because you worry that ends won’t meet, then accelerating your structured settlement is a great way to ensure that you will live out the lifespan of your settlement.

Auto purchase

Auto loans are notorious dangerous debt and to make matters worst lenders are still providing unwise subprime loans. We understand the importance of having a reliable car and the exhilaration of purchasing a new one. You should be able to enjoy that without a care.


If you or your children have decided to pursue a quality higher education, then selling your structured settlement or annuity is a smart way to focus more on the classes, instead of how to pay back the loans incurred.

Home Repair or Improvement

The weather can be unpredictable and the damage it causes can be quite expensive. Whether you want to prepare for the harshness of the upcoming winter, update your house to make it more energy efficient (hint: there’s a tax incentive), or you want to personalize and modernize your home, selling your settlement or annuity for a lump sum of cash should be the first step in making your home more comfortable.

At Rising Capital Associates, your interests are our interests and we want to help you to make the smart financial decision. If you’d like a free quote or to talk to an advisor or financial specialist feel free to contact us here

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August is a great time to find cool things for the house like these pillows as most stores kick into back to school season.

Top 3 Things To Buy At The End of The Summer

Learn How To Save At The End of The Summer

One of the most important things anyone can learn to maximize their money is knowing when to buy something. It just so happens that changing seasons are one of the best times to shop. As the summer is winding down, be on the lookout for some of these great deals and offers.


August is one of the best times to buy a new car as many dealerships are looking to clear inventory for new models.

August is one of the best times to buy a new car as many dealerships are looking to clear inventory for new models.


A recent  study by True Car, an automotive website, shows the average price for buying a vehicle in August can drop by more than $150 lower compared to any other month. On average, that’s $500 less than the other 11 months. That’s a huge saving!

August is the best month to buy a car or truck because dealers are cleaning out older inventory as the new models roll in. This change-over means late-model vehicles are priced to be quickly sold off the lot. Depending on the make and model of the car you’re looking for and the region in which you live, savings can range to several thousand dollars.

When looking for a new car this month be sure to shop around and try to leverage deals from other dealerships. At this point, the real estate that the car is taking up is worth more to a dealer.


Linens, Storage Containers, and other Household Items

August is a great time to find cool things for the house like these pillows as most stores kick into back to school season.

August is a great time to find cool things for the house like these pillows as most stores kick into back to school season.

If it’s something that a college student needs for basic living, then it will be on sale. August is the best time to upgrade your bed linens and pillows at Target or The savings aren’t limited to the bedroom. You can also find a number of ordinary items such as hangers, irons, jars, boxes, and office supplies at an incredibly low price, because of the back to school season.  For a place like The Container Store, this is a peak season and you should try to load up while the savings are good.

Fall Clothes

Check out some of your favorite stores for great deals to upgrade your fall wardrobe.

Check out some of your favorite stores for great deals to upgrade your fall wardrobe.

As counter-intuitive as it may seem, the end of the summer is a great time to load up on new fall clothes. Many retailers such as Zara, H&M, and Gap are already clearing out their summer inventory with great sales, but many retailers continue these sales for several weeks. Labor Day is one of the better shopping weekends of the year for clothes, especially if you live near an outlet mall, where you can find exclusive sales up to 70% on top of normal sales. Now is a great time to shop around for jeans, sweaters, shirts, jackets, and even shoes.
If retailer stores aren’t your style and you like things more vintage, check out your local thrift store, as they are certain to be full of new (old) clothes from people clearing out their closets.
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