About Us


About Us

We Buy Annuities and Structured Settlements

Looking to find where to sell structured settlements or where to sell annuities? We can help. Rising Capital Associates helps you convert periodical payments into a lump sum of cash now. Rather than receiving money through small, monthly payments, you can convert your settlement or annuity into an immediate cash payment.

Our Work Ethic

Over 31 years of combined industry experience work on your behalf in order to find the best solution for your financial situation. Rising Capital Associates is a structured settlement company that prides itself in making sure we listen to our customers. We create long-term relationships with our clients and put in the hard day’s work, knowing that building relationships with each of the people we serve gets us the best results. We work hard because we believe in getting our clients the highest return for their plan. We have a staff of professionals on hand to assist you in finding a solution to your financial needs, and getting you the cash you need – not in 15 years time, not every month for the next 7 years – but now!

How Long Can You Wait?

Did you know that the average annuity is paid out over 25 years?

Tired of waiting for  your check to arrive every month?

Exchanging your structured settlement or annuity is possible! We work with clients to get the highest return on their policies. We monitor pricing options and fluctuations in the brokerage market for clients to let them know when it is best to sell annuities for cash.

Contact us at 866-444-5061

When it comes time to cash in your structured settlement or annuity, trust in the knowledgeable team at Rising Capital to get you the highest return on your future funds. Turn those future funds into cash now and use it to supplement your lifestyle and assist with whatever costs you need help with. Call us today or fill out a quote electronically in order to get in touch with our award-winning team. Call today at 866-444-5061

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