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Structured Settlement and Annuity Buyers

In life, it is difficult to anticipate future events, especially ones that revolve around your finances. When the unanticipated happens, Rising Capital is here to help you regain financial security. We help our customers turn their long-term periodical payments from a structured settlement into a large, lump sum payment; providing them with the money that is rightfully theirs. Since every client’s financial situation is different from the next, the team of experts at Rising Capital work diligently to find structured settlement buyers or annuity buyers that are the perfect match. It’s our mission to provide our clients with the cash-now option that will grant them the means to financial freedom in their retirement.

Access Future Payments Now!

When circumstances change in one’s life, individuals may no longer be fully satisfied with their annuity payment plan. Many times, this occurs when one is faced with unexpected medical emergencies that result in costly bills. Due to this, they may need access to their money much sooner and in larger increments than what their annuity is currently providing them with. These instances provide individuals the perfect opportunity to sell their annuity plan to qualified annuity buyers in exchange for a large sum of cash immediately. The experts at Rising Capital can give you access to future payments now!

Upfront Cash for Your Structured Settlement or Annuity

When you choose to convert your structured settlement or annuity into a one-time issued payment, you are giving permission for structured settlement buyers or annuity buyers to receive all your regular installments. In return, you will be rewarded with the cash payment you deserve.    

Rising Capital will help you attain instant access to your cash. However, if you are not comfortable selling your entire annuity plan, Rising Capital offers you multiple selling options that best meet your financial needs. If you need to obtain a smaller sum of money promptly, but still want to receive future installments of your annuity plan, our team can help you sell a small portion of your annuity for the lump sum that you need at the moment. After you have sold a portion of your annuity to the right annuity buyers, you will still have a substantial amount of money left in your annuity or structured settlement plan for the future.

Whether you decide to sell your entire annuity/structured settlement or just a portion of it, Rising Capital Associates will work to provide you with the best outcome possible.

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With over 30 years of industry experience, Rising Capital has assisted in thousands of clients sell their structured settlements and annuities in order to help them achieve a financially fruitful retirement.

Did you know that the average annuity pays out its recipient over a period of 25 years? If you don’t have that long to wait, call us now for a free estimate of what your policy is worth. Call us today at 866-444-5061

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The Costs of Annuities

16 / 05 / 2018 / 0 comments

annuitiesWhen it comes time to think about retirement and what investment plans are the best for you and your family, the option of annuities usually come up in conversation. Although they can seem beneficial in some situations, annuities aren’t designed for every financial situation and can come with unexpected high costs. Of course, just like any other investment opportunity, it’s extremely important to take into consideration the drawbacks it might potentially have. However, in the case of annuities, the #1 drawback is cost.

Annuity Drawbacks

For clarification, annuities are fixed sums of money that are paid to someone annually. Although they are typically a form of investment, annuities can also be given to individuals in settlement cases. Initially, many individuals, especially those close to retiring, believe that annuities are a beneficial investment that will carry them through their retirement years. However, annuities do come at a cost. Many time, these costs aren’t disclosed upfront and are also a bit difficult for investors to determine at first. With this in mind, it’s important to remember that if there isn’t a fee initially listed on your contract, that doesn’t mean you won’t be paying it. Annuities are filled with hidden fees. Let’s take a closer look:


With annuities and annuities salesmen, comes commission fees. The person who sells you an annuity is sure to get a cut of the sale, and a substantial one at that. However, to avoid this outcome, many individuals may decide to go through an ‘investment advisor’. Typically, annuity commision ranges from 6% to 10% of the sale.

Management fees

Management fees are typically very high in certain forms of annuities–especially with variable annuities. Since these kinds of annuities invest your money in mutual funds, fees (expense ratios) are charged to the owner of the annuity.

Insurance charges

Also known as M&E fees (mortality and expense), these fees are charged to ensure that certain guarantees that come with the annuity are covered. Some insurance costs can total to 2%-3% per year.

Surrender charges

Another common charge that comes with annuity purchasing are fees called surrender charges. Surrender charges are put in place to ensure that the annuity owners won’t pull out their money earlier than agreed on. If they do surrender their annuity and pull their money earlier than they are supposed to, they will be required to pay numerous surrender charges. Typically, surrender charges are 7% of the annuity’s value after one year and then will decrease by 1% every year after. However, many surrender fees start at a much higher percentage.


Other potential fees include underwriting fees, IRS penalties fees–usually in the case of an early withdrawal–fees for added features, etc. If you decided to add other members of your family (riders) to your policy, you will be required to pay extra charges as well.  

As you can see, there are plenty of fees associated with annuity purchasing. So, before investing, it’s so important to have all the facts about annuities in front of you.

Is It Worth It?

With so many hidden fees, will annuities ever be worth their total cost? Most importantly, is this something that’s worth investing your money in? Honestly, it truly depends on the individual’s financial background and the type of annuity/company they decide to invest in. For example, one could save money on commission fees if they decide to invest their money in a direct-sold annuity. However, if you find that an annuity is the right investment tool for you, be sure to ask your investment advisor or salesperson specific questions regarding any associated fees that come with your annuity plan.

Sell Your Annuity Payments For Cash

Rising Capital Associates provides the best options to sell your annuity for cash or structured settlements for cash. Contact us today at 866-44-5061 for more information


Here’s Why Selling Your Annuity Can Make Sense

10 / 04 / 2018 / 0 comments

annuitiesThroughout the years, millions and millions of annuities have been sold to families around the world, and with that, billions of dollars are awarded to the insurance companies that sell them. It’s obvious that annuities are profitable for various insurance companies, but will they really provide you with the long-term financial assistance you need? Annuities are not conducive to every lifestyle, so, if you have an annuity you believe might not cover your financial needs, you may want to consider selling it to a structured settlement/annuity purchasing company who will provide you with a sizable lump sum payment in return.

When Selling Your Annuity Makes Sense

Money Management

If you like to carefully manage your assets–or having full access to them–having an annuity plan can make that pretty difficult. Usually, insurance companies take over that role when you purchase an annuity plan from them, providing you with a monthly income. However, this monthly income may not be substantial enough to supplement you through your retirement and it’s one that you cannot increase. So, if you prefer to manage your money yourself, it would be very ideal to sell your annuity payments for cash. Once you’ve sold your annuity, you will be given immediate access to your well-deserved cash, allowing you to manage or invest it in any way you would like.

A Change in Retirement Plans

Even though we spend our entire working lives planning for retirement, you simply never know what’s going to happen during that time. Though we hope for the best, unexpected events can occur–medical emergencies that end in costly medical bills; a poor investment; assisted living costs; home refinancing; anything could happen. If a change in your retirement plan occurs and you are waiting on your annuity payments to help finance it, it may be time to sell your annuity.

The Loss of A Spouse

Although it’s something no one likes to think about, the passing of a spouse in an unexpected event that can come with great financial stress. If you believe that you or your spouse will have trouble managing assets or not be left with substantial funds to supplement them through their retirement, then you may want to consider other options. A beneficial option would be to sell the annuity plan you previously purchased. In selling your annuity plan, you will receive a large, lump sum in return, allowing you to invest it where you need it. It will also provide you with the means to support you or your spouse in the event of a passing. It’s a terrible thing to think about, but it’s necessary in order to ensure that your loved ones are being taken care of.


If you own an annuity and any of these reasons apply to you, then it might be time to sell your annuity and supply yourself with a healthy and financially fruitful retirement.  At Rising Capital, we make it simple to sell your annuity or sell your structured settlements for cash. Contact us today for more information at 866-444-5061.




How Saving Receipts Can Earn You Money

9 / 03 / 2018 / 0 comments

receiptsIf it was your resolution to save more money during the new year, then you’ll want to stay tuned. Did you know that an efficient way to save money during 2018 can be done by keeping your receipts? However, keeping your receipts is only the first half of the job; the second half requires a touch of research. Try to lend a little bit of your smartphone storage for apps that will give you cashback on purchases you’ve made both online and instore. These types of cashback-savings tools are especially great for grocery purchases that are made throughout the week. By simply uploading their receipts on cashback apps, many consumers have reported saving up to $1,500!

Class Action Lawsuits

In addition to cashback apps, saving your receipts can also prove to be useful in the event of a class action lawsuit. For example, from October 1st, 2015 to May 19th, 2017, there was a class action lawsuit against Burger King and their Croissan’wich breakfast sandwiches. In their lawsuit, officials claimed that many Burger King locations were charging customers a higher price for two breakfast sandwiches when customers used a coupon. Customers who purchased these sandwiches between the specified time were eligible for a $5 cash settlement for each purchase. Though small in comparison to many other class-action lawsuits, many customers were able to claim more than one settlement with their saved receipts. However, be aware that settlements from class action lawsuits aren’t always received in a timely manner. Some affected customers claimed they didn’t receive their settlement until the following year. Scott Hardy, founder and CEO of Tap Class Actions, explains, “The wheels of justice tend to move very slowly. It takes anywhere from six months to a year or more to get paid for any kind of settlement that’s out there.” So, if you are due money from a class action lawsuit, you’ll have to be very patient in receiving your money. Just remember to always attach your receipts for proof when submitting any claims; you’ll be surprised how many consumers forget to do so, resulting in their claim being thrown out.

Tax Season

Saving your receipts can also prove to be very beneficial during tax season. For example, in South Carolina, there’s a new motor fuel income tax credit that went into effect this past January. Any South Carolina residents who saved their receipts from gas fill-ups or car maintenance, can submit them and claim a tax return that will be received in 2019 (source). The South Carolina Department of Revenue explained that this new tax break was designed to alleviate the state’s motor fuel fee that took an increase this year. However, this is not the only instance where residents can submit receipts for tax returns. Those who own a business or are independent contractors have ample opportunities to submit valid receipts that will go towards their tax return–gas receipts, needed items to support their business, educational expenses, etc.

In addition to saving receipts, there’s an abundance of ways to successfully save money this year. Try clipping coupons more often when going food shopping, or enroll in rewards programs that will give your points towards your purchases. The possibilities of saving money are endless.

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